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Apple has Promised to Fix Watch Series 6 Units with Blank Screens for Free

Only a Small Number of Smartwatches are Vulnerable

If the screen on your Apple Watch suddenly turned black, don't worry: you might not have to pay to have it mended. Apple has created a service program for Watch Series 6 units whose screens have gone permanently white, according to 9to5Mac and The Verge. If you have a 40mm watch that was manufactured between April and September of 2021, Apple or an authorized store will repair it regardless of whether it is still under warranty. For two years following the first retail sales, which began in September 2020, the program covers concerned Apple Watch Series 6 units. To see if you qualify, enter the serial number of your wristwear on the program's website. This does not extend the standard warranty or cover damage that needs to be repaired before the display may be fixed. Apple is giving a free patch for Apple Watch Series 6 screens that are blanked out. Only the 40mm Series 6 is affected by the problem. The problem only affects Series 6 40mm units manufactured between April and September 2021. You have a few options when it comes to getting the device serviced. You have the option of taking it to an Apple Store or an authorized third-party repair shop. If you'd rather send the gadget in for repair, you can also contact Apple Support. There's also some fine print, as is customary. For example, the repair will not extend the device's usual warranty. Even though the service is available worldwide, if an issue arises while you're travelling, you may have to wait for it to be repaired in the country or region where you purchased it. Additionally, if your Series 6 has any other damage that may "impair the service," you may be charged additional repair fees. Last but not least, the program has a time limit. Apple claims that qualifying Series 6 units will be protected for only two years after first retail sale, which is something to keep in mind if you acquired your iPhone used. The issue only affects a "very small percentage" of Series 6 units, according to Apple. Nonetheless, the program may be beneficial. Because the Apple Watch isn't inexpensive, especially if you got a steel or titanium model, this could save you the additional expense of a pricey repair due to a manufacturer flaw.
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