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Apple Embraces New Era in the EU: Alternative App Distribution and More!

Hello, tech enthusiasts and Apple users in the European Union! Get ready for a significant shift in the way you interact with your iOS devices. Apple has just announced a groundbreaking move to support Alternative App Distribution in the EU, as mandated by the Digital Markets Act (DMA). This change, however, will be exclusive to the EU, with no current plans to introduce third-party app stores elsewhere.

What's New in iOS 17.4 and Beyond

Starting with iOS 17.4, users in the EU will have the ability to install apps from alternative app marketplaces, a departure from the traditional App Store-only model. This means you can directly download a marketplace app from a developer's website, giving you more choices and flexibility. Developers can get started with this new distribution model in the beta release of Xcode 15.3 and iOS 17.4, available from today!

A Glimpse into the Changes

Here’s a quick overview of the exciting changes Apple is rolling out:

  • Alternative App Marketplaces: Developers can now distribute their iOS apps through different app marketplaces, with new APIs and controls to protect intellectual property.
  • Framework for Marketplace Apps: Marketplace developers can manage app installations and updates, and have their apps notarized for added security.
  • Alternative Browser Engines: Developers can use browser engines other than WebKit for specific apps, enhancing interoperability.
  • Contactless Payments in the EEA: NFC technology can now be integrated into banking and wallet apps throughout the European Economic Area.
  • Expanded Default App Controls: Users can select and manage default app marketplaces and contactless payment apps, and choose a default web browser.
  • Interoperability Requests: Developers can request interoperability with iPhone and iOS hardware and software features.

Safari and the App Store: New User Choices

Safari on iOS will introduce a user choice screen, allowing users to select their default web browser from various options. The App Store is also opening up to alternative payment service providers (PSPs) for processing payments for digital goods and services, both within apps and via external links.

Empowering Developers and Users

Developers will benefit from expanded app analytics and a new API for user data portability, providing deeper insights into app usage and engagement. This move empowers developers with more data to optimize their app experiences.

Navigating Third Party App Stores

Interested in creating a third-party app store? Developers will need to obtain an entitlement from Apple and meet several requirements, including a significant financial guarantee.

Understanding the New Business Terms

Apple's new business terms in the EU introduce a reduced commission on transactions, an optional payment processing fee, and a Core Technology Fee for apps distributed outside the App Store, setting a new precedent in app marketplace economics.

Final Thoughts

These changes mark a significant shift in Apple's approach within the EU, offering more flexibility and choice for both users and developers. It's a step towards a more open and competitive digital marketplace, aligning with the EU's vision for digital services. While these changes are exclusive to the EU for now, they could hint at the shape of things to come in the global digital ecosystem.

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