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Apple Eases Core Technology Fee for Small Developers in the EU: A Game-Changer for Innovation

Hello to all app developers and tech enthusiasts! Apple has recently announced some uplifting changes to its Core Technology Fee (CTF) that are set to benefit small developers across the European Union. If you're a developer, these updates might just be the wind beneath your wings you've been waiting for!

Understanding the Core Technology Fee

Before diving into the updates, let's quickly unpack what the CTF is all about. The Core Technology Fee is part of Apple’s alternative business terms in the EU. It reflects the value that Apple provides through its tools, technologies, and services that enable developers to create and distribute innovative apps. Generally, this fee only applies to developers who hit a significant scale—think more than one million first annual installs in the EU.

New Changes That Cheer for the Underdog

Apple’s latest updates to the CTF are particularly encouraging for small developers, hobbyists, and educational creators. Here’s a breakdown of the newly introduced conditions:

  1. Zero Fee for Non-Revenue Generating Apps: If you're a student, a hobbyist, or a developer who wants to create a free app without any form of monetization (no ads, no in-app purchases—nothing!), you're in luck. Apple has stated that such apps will no longer require a CTF. This is fantastic news for those looking to get their innovative ideas out there without the pressure of monetization.

  2. Three-Year Grace Period for Small Developers: For small developers with less than €10 million in global annual business revenue, Apple is rolling out a red carpet. These developers will enjoy a 3-year "free on-ramp" to the CTF, allowing them to develop and expand their businesses without the immediate financial burden of the fee. Moreover, if during this period a small developer surpasses one million first annual installs for the first time, they won’t have to pay the CTF even if they continue to exceed this threshold.

The Impact on the Developer Community

These changes are a big deal because they provide a more accessible platform for up-and-coming developers to bring their ideas to life and reach a global audience without the initial financial strain. By easing the burden on smaller creators, Apple is not only fostering a more diverse app ecosystem but is also encouraging innovation and growth among startups and individual developers.

What’s Next?

If you’re a developer impacted by these changes, it's an excellent time to take advantage of the new terms. Whether you’re experimenting with app development for the first time or you’re a small enterprise looking to expand your reach, Apple’s revised CTF policies could significantly influence your plans and projects.


Overall, Apple’s updated CTF policies reflect a growing recognition of the diverse needs within the developer community. By supporting smaller developers and non-commercial innovators, Apple is ensuring that the tech landscape remains vibrant and inclusive. So, whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, these changes could open up new opportunities for you in the app world. Let's keep pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation!

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