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Apple AirTags are permitted in Checked Baggage, according to FAA

Also denying any intention to outlaw the item tracker is Lufthansa.

Do not be concerned that you won't be able to pack an Apple AirTag on your upcoming flight. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has statedthat AirTags are permitted on checked baggage, as The Points Guy points out. Any item tracker with a lithium battery containing less than 0.3g is permitted to fly. You don't need to worry about the airline taking action if you track your luggage.

After concerns that Lufthansa would prohibit active AirTags in luggage, a clarification has been made. There were worries that the German airline might interpret ICAO instructions to restrict any lithium-powered tracker that cannot be switched off, including AirTags.

There were rumors that Lufthansa sought to ban the tags in order to hide issues with missing luggage and other issues with flight travel. There are no laws governing these devices in Germany or the US; the ICAO can only give guidelines, and it is up to officials to approve and enact them.

In a separate statement, Lufthansa made it clear that Apple devices are permitted on flights. The company stated that it sought exemptions for AirTags and comparable devices for checked luggage limitations and that both the airline and German regulators had established that item trackers with small batteries and minimal power "do not represent a safety risk."

The remarks from the FAA and Lufthansa effectively resolve the issue. There haven't been any reports of fires or other accidents that would cause a change of heart, but we wouldn't fully rule out governments or airlines changing their stance. During your upcoming vacation, you can use find-my-stuff items like AirTags, Tile trackers, and similar ones with confidence.

This summer, travellers used the gadgets in greater numbers as a result of a record number of reported lost bags, which spurred many tourists to monitor the location of their own luggage. If you have an iPhone, you may use the Find My app to check the location of the tag and the bag it's hidden inside. Of course, many of us were already travelling with these in our bags, but at least there is now a verified record in case this is ever called into question.

When you land, you can use AirTags to locate your keys, bulkier wallets, and other items. They are great for more than just flying. AirTags are available on Amazon for $28.98 per unit or, if you want to outfit several bags or members of your family, four-packs for $94.97.

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