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Apparently, Apple's anticipated Electric Vehicle won't be totally Self-Driving

Additionally, the project may not be completed until 2026.

Apple's anticipated Electric Vehicle won't be totally Self-Driving

It seems that Apple is still reducing the scope of its electric vehicle aspirations. According to Bloomberg sources, the EV, also known as Project Titan, is no longer a completely autonomous vehicle. According to reports, it will only drive itself on highways and have a standard steering wheel and pedals. The tipsters assert that the business has also delayed the launch by a year, until 2026.

The speculated car is said to have enough autonomy to let you view videos or play games while driving on the freeway, but it will require your full control when you need to navigate local streets or bad weather. According to the insiders, Apple may initially launch the hands-free technology in North America before gradually expanding access.

Already, Apple has declined to respond. Since it has been under development for so long, Titan has had multiple setbacks and significant strategic changes. The tech company may have had reservations as early as 2015, and it was reported that they scrapped the car in favor of a licensed self-driving platform in 2016. Layoffs and executive reorganizations also weren't helpful. According to speculations, the company did resume producing full-fledged cars, but it had limited luck enlisting the assistance of manufacturers like Hyundai for production.

It wouldn't be unexpected if they had more modest goals. Even Waymo's Robotaxis are only permitted to operate in California in favorable weather, and full Level 5 autonomy, where a car can drive itself in every situation, is still a long way off from being a practical reality. The issue of legal permissions is another. States are becoming more open to self-driving cars, but there isn't a framework in place to allow the general public to utilize fully autonomous vehicles just yet. Even if Apple were to master every technical difficulty, it would not be possible for it to market a totally hands-off car anytime soon.

The adoption of a semi-autonomous design might intensify competitiveness. Although Tesla has long been seen as Apple's main competitor, the EV market has expanded significantly in recent years. Ford, Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Rivian are just a few of the manufacturers of reliable electric vehicles. There is no certainty that Apple will stand out in a competitive field where it would compete.

According to reports, the Project Titan electric vehicle will have a traditional steering wheel and pedals, and the self-driving feature would only be accessible on highways. Apple has not yet released any concept artwork for the vehicle.

The speculated EV was allegedly going to provide fully automated driving, allowing passengers to watch movies or even play video games while driving. When it came time to drive and negotiate city streets or inclement weather, it was intended to ask the driver to take the wheel. According to insiders, Apple may yet choose to introduce the hands-free technology in North America first before rolling it out globally later.

Although it hasn't materialized yet, the Apple Car has been in development since 2015. The vehicle, which is expected to debut in 2026, has not yet been unveiled due to significant obstacles brought on by strategic changes. Apple is silent over the development.

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