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App Privacy Labels in the Google Play Store have Begun to Appear.

Today, a new safety component will begin to surface.

Google has announced the launch of a new safety section in the Play Store that will provide users with more information about the data that apps gather and how it is used. The feature will progressively trickle out to users over the next few weeks, with app developers having until July 20th to add the information to their listings so it may not show for everyone right now. Last year, the initiative was first unveiled. The section, according to Google, is an attempt to provide consumers with additional information and context. It will detail the data that each developer collects, whether they share it, and their security policies (such as whether they encrypt the data while in transit). There will also be information on whether or not a developer adheres to Google Play's Families Policy, as well as whether or not their security methods have been verified by a third party. This support page has more information about what developers must share. According to the page, neglecting to fill up this area or misrepresenting an app's data gathering techniques may result in the app's updates being stopped, and it may even be deleted from the Play Store. According to the page, "even developers with apps that do not collect any user data are required to complete this form and include a link to their privacy policy." The Play Store's greater transparency comes after Apple's App Store debuted a similar feature in late 2020. However, Google's help page warns that its safety section isn't always a carbon copy of Apple's, so developers shouldn't expect to send the identical information to both. According to the page, "the taxonomy and framework of the Data safety section on Google Play may differ considerably from those utilized in other app marketplaces." The program is part of Google's continuous efforts to guarantee that Play Store apps protect users' personal information. It announced intentions earlier this month to limit the availability of obsolete apps on the Play Store in order to ensure that those accessible for download are employing Android's most recent privacy and security features.
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