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Apple Watch Series 7 Models

Right now, you can get the Smartwatch for as little as $350.

It's not too late to start a new exercise routine for the new year, and an Apple Watch can assist you in getting in shape and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Aside from keeping track of your health objectives, an Apple Watch can be used to check notifications without having to take out your iPhone and to provide you better access to your music.

For the same price as the discontinued Series 6, the Apple Watch Series 7 adds a bigger screen with a QWERTY keyboard, more color options, faster charging, and increased durability.

Apple Watch bargains might be difficult to come by, and even more so if you have your heart set on a specific size and color. Right now, Maxandfix is running a series of deals, some of which can save you up to $60 on Series 7 models.

This is Apple's newest flagship wearable, and when it was released in October, we gave it a score of 90. If you're familiar with the Apple Watch, you'll see that the Series 7's look isn't drastically different. The greatest difference is the larger display, which is 20% larger than the Series 6. Apple shaved the bezels down to just 1.7mm, giving you a little more screen real estate to play with. You might even notice that text on the Watch is easier to see on the Series 7 as a result.

Other notable changes are all hidden beneath the hood. The Series 7 has a new SiP and performs similarly to the Series 6, with the added benefit of faster charging. The new charging pad that comes with the Series 7 helps it charge up to 10% faster in 10 minutes, and in our tests, we were able to charge it up to 100% in under an hour. If you plan on using the Watch to track sleep overnight and need more juice in the morning before leaving out for the day, this will come in helpful.

Apple didn't reinvent the Watch with the Series 7, but it will feel like an upgrade for anyone upgrading from an older Watch thanks to the tiny hardware enhancements and improvements made in watchOS 8. If you're new to Apple Watch, the Series 7 is the device to acquire if you want to take advantage of all of watchOS' capabilities. If you're on a budget and willing to forego some capabilities, such as an always-on display and an ECG sensor, the Apple Watch SE could be the answer.

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