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All Android 12 Devices are Now Compatible with Google's Switch to Android App on iOS

The software was previously restricted to Pixel phones.

Google is simplifying the process of transferring data from an old iPhone for new Android users. All Android 12 devices are now compatible with the company's Switch to Android app on iOS. The app, which was previously limited to Pixel phones, is helpful if you're switching from iOS to Android. Connect your new phone to your old Apple phone as soon as you get it. The Lightning to USB-C connector is your best option, but you can also use WiFi to connect the two gadgets. Once they are linked, choose the data that you wish to transfer. Apps, contacts, pictures, videos, music, and messages are among your options. The rest will thereafter be handled by the software. It's interesting that Switch to Android is becoming more widely available at this time because WhatsApp recently made it simpler for new iOS users to transfer their chat histories from an old Android phone. Obviously, if you switched to Android before today's news, Google's software won't help, but if the hassle of moving your data was what previously kept you from switching, now you have one less reason to do so. You should be able to convert from an iPhone to Android using Google's Switch to Android app as long as your phone is running Android 12 at the time. The official Switch to Android app description from Google is as follows: With Google's Switch to Android software, you can easily transfer your most crucial data types—photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events—to a brand-new Android smartphone without the hassle of cumbersome cords. The software also guides you through additional crucial configuration settings, such as disabling iMessage so you won't miss text messages from friends and family. For the data from your iPhone to be transferred to your Android smartphone, the app will request a number of permissions from you. It's pretty simple to use this software. On your Android device, simply scan a QR code and adhere to the instructions. Forgetting to turn off iMessage is one of the most frequent errors consumers make when switching from an iPhone to an Android device. This app should be worthwhile for anyone switching because dealing with it is a nuisance in and of itself. In addition, Google used the occasion to offer a few reasons why an iPhone owner might consider switching to Android. Some of them are stronger than others. For instance, if you are already fully immersed in the Google ecosystem, the devices will function more effectively than previously. You will find it simpler to sync your devices and switch between them throughout the day if you possess a Chromebook, Wear OS smartwatch, or a Google TV. Google also notes that Android allows you to send SMS, listen to music, and video chat with your connections. Additionally, you can use FaceTime through Chrome, and Google Play offers the Apple Music app for download. Yes, there are tasks that Android performs more effectively than iOS. Widgets are listed at the bottom of Google's list, at position 9. Widgets are available on iOS, and in iOS 16, they will also be available on your lock screen, but they are not quite as helpful as those found on Android. In contrast to being just visually appealing shortcuts to apps, widgets on Android are truly interactive. Without a doubt, iOS widgets appear superior, but they lack the functionality of Android widgets.
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