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According to Reports, Google is putting less Emphasis on Assistant and more on Hardware

The business claims to be guarding against regulators' and Apple's threats.

Google's rapid-fire release of hardware could be a part of a bigger defence plan. According to sourceswho spoke with The Information, CEO Sundar Pichai believes that the best way to be "protected" from the perils of a shifting mobile industry is through hardware. Sissie Hsiao, the vice president of Google Assistant, claims that Pichai is worried that Apple is stealing customers from Android partners like Samsung and that antitrust authorities may revoke Google's long-standing agreement to make its search engine the default on iPhones.

It's possible that support for non-Google products will suffer as a result. The business reportedly is investing less in Assistant for automobiles and third-party gear overall, though Android support appears to be unaffected. Hsiao and other executives reportedly considered removing Google TV and Assistant from the workplace.

Google declined to respond, according to The Information. The company might, however, be justified in taking chances with its hardware division. Even if Android isn't about to lose its hegemony, any further failures might reduce Google's vital mobile ad revenue, even if its iPhone search arrangement remains uncontested. Hsiao, on the other hand, allegedly pointed out that the $257.6 billion in income earned by Google in 2021 is a minuscule percentage of the $1 billion in sales that the Android Automotive platform, which is used by BMW, Volvo, and other businesses, is only now nearing.

The primary concern is whether Google can expand its hardware efforts sufficiently to act as a safety net against any issues. Although the recently unveiled Pixel 7 and last year's Pixel 6 refreshed Google's phone lineup, it's not yet obvious whether this has resulted in higher sales. In 2021, Google shipped only 4.5 million phones, compared to Apple and Samsung, who each sold well over 200 million. Despite the success of Google's smart speakers (which are second only to Amazon in lifetime sales), the company has recently started producing its first in-house smartwatch. It's also making a comeback in the tablet market after a long absence.

Another concern is that Google might favour some users over others. According to the Information, Google is putting its focus on offering the finest services to "premium" Android partners like Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi. Other firms that might not have equal access to Assistant and other important services could suffer as a result. The alleged shift in focus might not give you much comfort if you're worried about the long-term viability of the Android ecosystem.

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