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According to Reports, Apple Watch "Pro" will get ts First Overhaul since 2018

Additionally, the wearable may have a multiday battery life.

In recent weeks, information about Apple's next high-end Apple Watch Series 8 model has started filtering out. The wearable will have the biggest display Apple has ever shipped on a smartwatch, according to a report by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman that was published at the beginning of the month. Consequently, it could also have a fresh appearance.

Gurman claims there will be a new design for the Apple Watch "Pro" in his most current Power On email. Since launching the Series 4 in 2018, the business hasn't updated its wearable line. In order to accommodate a screen that is 7% larger, Gurman observes that the new model will be "a good bit bigger" than Apple's existing Series 7 handsets.

He continues, saying the makeover will be "an extension of the current rectangular shape," and that it "also won't have the supposed flat edges."

Additionally, it is said that Apple would use "a more robust formulation of titanium" for the watch's case, which could improve its suitability for extreme activities. Gurman asserts that the Apple Watch Pro might last for many days on a single charge with a larger battery and Apple's long-rumored "Low Power Mode." The speculated body temperature sensor that Apple is preparing for the entire Series 8 series will also be included.

One of the numerous devices Apple is allegedly working on for the fall and beyond is a high-end Apple Watch. The company intends to release a "deluge" of gadgets throughout the course of the following year, according to Gurman. A replacement for the original HomePod is one of the company's most prominent upcoming releases.

Going back to the watch shape's primary concern, interface plays a big role in case selection. A square or rectangle is better for showing text, and it may be simpler for software developers to create scaled-down versions of iPhone apps for the smaller screen. A circle fits with the conventional idea of what a watch should look like and complements an analogue dial. During the design phase of the first Apple Watch, Apple will likely have evaluated both, but it ultimately decided on a "squircle" (a square with rounded corners that was supposedly Steve Jobs' favorite shape) and has kept with it ever since.

Along with the iPhone 14, the new Apple Watch models are anticipated to go on sale this autumn. You can stay up to do with the latest speculations with our guide to the Apple Watch Series 8 and the 2022 Apple Watch SE, which will be updated frequently until the announcement. If that seems too far away, check out our list of the top Apple Watch discounts to find a deal on the current selection.

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