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According to Apple, Face ID on the iPhone X can now be Repaired without having to Replace the Entire Handset

This may allow you to keep the iPhone X for a longer period of time

Apple released new tools for its technicians earlier this year that allow them to repair the Face ID module without needing to replace the complete iPhone. These tools, however, were only available for iPhone XS and subsequent models. Now, the company has officially added the iPhone X to the list of devices that can be repaired. Apple says that it now gives tools to restore Face ID on the iPhone X without having to replace the complete phone in an internal document given to Apple Stores and authorized service providers (via MacRumors). Previously, if your iPhone's Face ID failed for any reason, Apple would replace it with a new one because there was no way to fix merely the Face ID module - most likely for security concerns. The business has now devised a new method for replacing the Face ID module securely. Apple also released new methods for its technicians last year that allowed them to fix the iPhone's rear glass without needing to replace the entire device. Of course, this has a variety of advantages for both the organization and its clients. In terms of the ecology, delivering piecemeal repairs rather than replacing the full gadget reduces waste. At the same time, part repairs are less expensive for the customer, and they can sometimes be completed faster than waiting for a replacement unit. However, it's unclear whether the new repair option is available in all Apple Stores and repair shops worldwide. In March, Apple announced a program that allows it to repair Face ID on newer iPhones without having to replace the entire device, but it excluded the iPhone X from the program, which is upsetting if you're determined to keep using that 'vintage' handset for a little longer. However, for the time being, this shouldn't be an issue. Apple and authorized service facilities may now repair Face ID on the iPhone X without requiring a full replacement, according to MacRumors. Otherwise, your much-loved phone should be fine. Initially, only the iPhone XS and subsequent models were eligible for these more specialized repairs. All iPhones with Face ID will now be supported by the upgrade. The increase comes as Apple reconsiders its approach to repairs in general. The company introduced a self-service repair program and made it easy for third-party repair shops to restore displays without disrupting Face ID. While these measures may be in response to public and regulatory criticism, they're good news for anyone who wants to extend the life of an Apple iPhone without paying high fees or having to swap out their device.
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