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A Dive Computer can now be used with the Apple Watch Ultra

Recreational divers can schedule dives and check parameters like depth and no-deco time on the Ultra by using the Oceanic Plus app from Huish Outdoors.

Apple Watch Ultra can now be used by divers

The Apple Watch Ultra can now be used by divers as a dive computer immediately. You may now download the Oceanic Plus app to schedule, monitor, and review dives.

Despite having a native Depth app, the Ultra is not intended to be used as a dive computer. It's more for activities like snorkelling and swimming in underwater pools. It mainly provides information on time, water temperature, current, and maximum depth. On the other hand, Huish Outdoors created the Oceanic Plus app as a wrist-worn dive computer for depths up to 40 metres (130 feet).

Users can establish the no-decompression time, the maximum amount of time a diver can spend at a certain depth, before dives by entering their surface time, depth, and gas. The dive planner allows divers to see tides, water temperature, visibility, and currents. After a dive, divers can view their GPS entry and exit points as well as a dive summary.

The Oceanic Plus app shows information about current depth, maximum depth, no-deco time, water temperature, remaining dive duration, battery level, and ascent speed throughout a dive. If you are ascending too quickly or have surpassed your no-decompression limit, color-coded safety warnings will also be displayed. Additionally, it provides safety stop instructions so that divers can safely surface after a dive. Divers can also set a compass heading by pressing the Action button.

The Ultra has two certifications that are typical for dive gear: EN 13319 and WR100. If you want to customize a watchface just for diving, the Oceanic Plus software also adds seven complexities to the Ultra.

The Oceanic Plus app's biggest drawback is that it isn't fully free. There is a free plan that offers recent dive tracking along with dive features like depth and time. It costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year to access services including decompression tracking, location planning, and an endless diary. Users can alternatively pay $129 annually to access the app with Family Sharing in the US.

We're unable to say how well the Oceanic Plus works with the Ultra yet, which is unfortunate. However, keep an eye out because we'll shortly be testing the app with divers.


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