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5 Once-Great Goods Apple killed in 2022 are remembered

Pour one out in memory of the merchandise we lost this year.

5 Once-Great Goods Apple killed in 2022 are remembered

The past year has been active for Apple. In addition to the first completely new Mac and Apple Watch in years, we also received updates for the Apple TV and AirPods Pro, a new freestanding display, and a plethora of software features. In addition to all those new goods, Apple also discontinued a number of outdated gadgets in 2022. Here are five Apple products that are no longer available for purchase on Apple.com.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the one item on which we would have placed a significant wager that we would retire in 2022. It was overpriced at half of its $199 MSRP due to its aged design, pokey chip, and single sensor as it approached its 5-year birthday. Sadly, its departure means that there is no longer an Apple Watch that starts at under $200, but the Apple Watch SE 2, whose price was reduced to $249, is still a better deal.

It's not unusual for the newest iPhone model to replace the oldest one at the top of the range, but the iPhone 11's demise is noteworthy. Now, Apple sells three non-SE iPhone lines—the iPhone 12, 13, and 14—all of which have the same design and all of which enable 5G. Although there are reports that the iPhone 11's design will be reused for the upcoming iPhone SE, pour one out for rounded corners for the time being.

Although the Apple TV HD was excellent in 2015, it has been a bad investment for several years. It was the worst type of cheap device: slower and poorer in every manner but visually identical to the better model, costing just $20 less than the Apple TV 4K. In 2022, Apple radically rearranged its Apple TV lineup and discontinued the Apple TV HD forever. We won't miss it.

We were hoping for a revival of the iPod Touch, but unfortunately, that was not to be. With no fanfare and only the assurance that music players would continue to be produced by Apple, Apple terminated the final remaining iPod this year rather than releasing a new model with a full-screen design, an A12 processor, and a headphone connection. That may be the case, but nothing in Apple's range compares to the iPod touch, a low-cost gadget that can perform all of the functions of an iPhone with the exception of making calls. Better treatment was due the iPod touch.

The 27-inch iMac became obsolete when Apple introduced the 27-inch Studio Display in March alongside the Mac Studio. Mac users could now finally purchase an affordable standalone display from Apple once more. As soon as the event was ended, Apple immediately removed it from the store. Despite recurrent reports to the contrary, the largest screen size currently available for an iMac is 24 inches. Although we enjoy the M1 iMac, a larger model would be ideal.

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