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1Password welcomes a World without Passwords

Early in 2023, the password management service will introduce passkey functionality in an effort to continue to exist once passwords are no longer used.

1Password welcomes without Passwords

Passkey functionality, which enables users to securely log in to apps and websites without a password, will be made available to 1Password's clients in "early 2023," according to the company's announcement.

Although support for passkeys' completely password-free authentication may seem like an odd feature for a password management service, Dashlane was the first to include passkeys into its own service earlier this year, so 1Password isn't even the first. In iOS 15 and macOS Ventura, Apple has already made passkey functionality available, while Google recently announced passkey beta testing for Chrome and Android. Microsoft has not yet made public testing announcements.

The majority of the Big Tech businesses are members of the FIDO Alliance, which created Passkeys, a password-free login solution. The technology enables users to replace conventional passwords with their device's built-in authentication, such as Face ID on an iPhone. This technology provides higher security and protection because there are no passwords to be stolen or unintentionally given away by phishing scams.

When it debuts the following year, 1Password asserts that its own variant, termed Universal Sign On, will be superior to others by supporting various platforms and cross-platform syncing. The main purpose of passkey support from businesses like Apple is to easily synchronize access on devices that are part of the same ecosystem.

In addition to a video demo for those who are not using the service and a directory listing which websites, apps, and services are using passkeys for authentication, 1Password users who are using the most recent version of its Chrome browser extension can see a live demonstration of how passkeys will function. Early in 2023, 1Password will add complete support for passkeys to its desktop apps and browser extensions, with support for mobile devices to follow.

Given that 1Password is a tool that handles and remembers passwords on behalf of users, it's somewhat ironic. However, 1Password will use what they call Universal Sign On, which will be "better" than how passkeys are now implemented because it will support a variety of platforms and allow for device syncing.

As a result, theoretically, you should be able to sign in using 1Password's solution on your iPhone, as well as utilizing the same procedure on a Windows PC, and finally, on an Android tablet.

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