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Employees at Apple Stores in the United States are discreetly attempting to form a Union

Workers argue that their income does not keep pace with the rising expense of living.

According to the report, at least two businesses' employees are ready to file paperwork with the National Labor Relations Board in the near future, and at least a half-dozen more are in the early stages of the unionization process. Apple did not respond to a request for comment on the claim right away.

Wages have not kept pace with inflation, which is a major worry among Apple retail employees who want to unionize. According to the research, Apple recently provided raises to some of its retail employees, but due to rising inflation, some of the workers believe they are making less money now than when they were employed.

According to the study, Apple retail staff can make anywhere from $17 to more than $30 per hour, depending on their position, but some employees believe that as one of the world's most valuable corporations, Apple should pay more.

It's not just Amazon and Google employees that want to band together. According to sources speaking to The Washington Post, employees at six or more Apple Store locations in the United States are discreetly planning to unionize, with "at least" two stores already gaining national union backing and preparing to file paperwork with the National Labor Relations Board.

The fundamental issue, as you might expect, is salary. Employees who spoke with The Post claimed their salary was comparable to that of other retailers, but it didn't keep up with escalating living costs. According to the employees, Apple's corporate success hasn't translated into higher pay.

To prevent any spying and reprisal from Apple, pro-union staff are said to have organized in secret, utilizing encrypted conversations and even Android phones to keep discussions private. Employees are said to have started canvassing coworkers informally to gauge support and possibly obtain majorities in the case of a union ballot.

Apple has been contacted for comment. The company previously stated that it takes all employee concerns "seriously" and "thoroughly" investigates issues when they arise, but that it does not share specific employee issues out of "respect for the privacy" of people affected. Apple, on the other hand, appears to be aware of unionization efforts. Apple, like Amazon, appears to be utilizing management to give anti-union threats, such as allegations that workers' pay and benefits may be decreased.

This isn't the first time Apple has had to deal with employees who are dissatisfied with their working conditions. Last year's #AppleToo campaign garnered hundreds of stories from both retail and corporate employees about unhealthy workplaces. Apple, on the other hand, hasn't showed any evidence of addressing those issues, and #AppleToo organizers have reportedly been pushed out and sacked. Although there's no assurance that unions would improve working conditions, it's becoming increasingly evident that employees desire better treatment.

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