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Satechi Unveils Game-Changing Stand & Hub and Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub Pro for Mac Users

Hey, Mac enthusiasts and gadget lovers! It's time to get excited because Satechi has just dropped some amazing new gear that's going to change the way you interact with your Mac Studio and Mac mini. Let's dive into the details of these groundbreaking products: the updated Stand & Hub and the all-new Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub Pro.

Revolutionizing Your Mac Setup with the Stand & Hub

First up, let's talk about the upgraded Stand & Hub for the Mac Studio and Mac mini. Satechi has really outdone themselves this time. They've added an NVMe SSD enclosure to this already versatile hub, boosting data transfer speeds up to an impressive 10Gbps. This means faster file transfers, smoother video editing, and quick Time Machine backups for all your precious data.

Designed to feel like a natural extension of your Mac, the Stand & Hub not only looks sleek but also promotes better airflow to keep your device cool. Plus, with a variety of ports including USB-C 3.1, USB-A 3.1, USB-A 3.0, micro/SD card readers, and an audio jack, this hub is a one-stop connectivity powerhouse for all your peripherals.

Introducing the Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub Pro

Now, let's shift gears to the Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub Pro. This little device is a true pro in every sense. Equipped with a 150W GaN power supply, it can deliver a whopping 96W of power to your host device. That's a 60% increase from its predecessor! And with the latest GaN technology, it maintains a compact and lightweight profile.

But that's not all. The Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub Pro boasts three downstream ports supporting up to 40Gbps data transfers and video output for up to two 4K displays or one stunning 8K display. And with the ability to daisy-chain up to six devices and 32Gbps native PCIe support, it's perfect for external GPUs and Thunderbolt-based SSDs.

Pricing and Availability - A Deal You Can't Miss

Satechi has made these exciting new products available at attractive prices. The Stand & Hub for Mac mini and Mac Studio with NVMe SSD Enclosure is up for grabs at $99.99. And here's a sweet deal - you can get 20% off with the coupon code CES20 for a limited time!

The Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub Pro is also available now for $199.99 and is eligible for the same 20% discount with the coupon code CES20.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're a professional creative, a tech enthusiast, or just someone who loves their Mac, these new offerings from Satechi are designed to enhance your experience and productivity. The upgraded Stand & Hub and the new Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub Pro are not just accessories; they're game-changers in the world of Mac connectivity and performance.

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