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A Body Temperature Sensor could be Included in Apple Watch Series 8

According to Bloomberg, WatchOS 9 may Potentially Include an Enhanced Low-Power Mode

If Apple adheres to its typical schedule, we should see the Apple Watch Series 8 for the first time in September. In June, we'll most likely see watchOS 9 for the first time at WWDC. Although both events are months away, speculation about a Watch update is heating up.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is anticipated to unveil up to three watch models this year. Along with the Series 8 and a redesigned Watch SE, a ruggedized version may be released. That one would be aimed towards extreme sports enthusiasts. Apple may launch a new low-power mode with watchOS 9. Aside from showing the time in low-power mode, the watch could also run apps and other functionalities. Apple Watch has always prioritized health, and Series 8 could add a body temperature sensor to the mix. At first glance, it appears that the goal is to assist consumers with fertility planning. It might be used to notify wearers if their body temperature is too high in the future, albeit you won't see a numerical reading. Furthermore, Apple is likely to expand on atrial fibrillation (AFib) monitoring with a new "burden" feature for watchOS0 that identifies how frequently a person is in AFib over time. In addition, the Training app may include new workout variations and running analytics. When it comes to health features that Apple Watch Series 8 won't have, the long-awaited blood pressure monitor is unlikely to arrive this year. Apple has run into some problems with the technology, which is supposed to monitor for indicators of hypertension, according to Gurman, and it won't be ready for another couple of years. Noninvasive blood sugar monitoring is another long-rumored feature that is unlikely to appear in Series 8 devices. According to Gurman, this won't happen for some years. The report also discusses certain iPhone features that could be released in the near future. The Health app may have better sleep detection, as well as a function that allows users to scan medicine bottles and receive notifications when it's time to take tablets. Satellite connectivity may be included in the next smartphone lineup, allowing users to text emergency personnel and report incidents via satellite networks. Apple is rumored to be working on similar functionality for future Apple Watch models.
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